LiquidSky on Mac

So, you want to run the LiquidSky Windows client on your mac?
Well, let me help you with these 5 easy steps! :)

1. Download the LiquidSky client

Go to the Liquidsky website and download the windows client.

2. Download and install PlayOnMac

3. Install another version of Wine

The default Wine version installed in PlayOnMac is not compatible with the LiquidSky client, but have no fear because this is easily fixed!

Just go to "Manage Wine Versions" and install 2.6-staging.

Now, that wasn't so hard was it?

4. Install the LiquidSky client

Ok, so now it's time to install the windows client with PlayOnMac.

Just click on the big + Install icon and then on Install non-listed program in the bottom left corner of the window. This will take you to the manual install wizard.

The wizard will ask you what to do, and you will tell it to Install a program in a new virtual drive. Afterwards you can name your virtual drive anything you want, but I would suggest Gobbledygook, because it just sounds awesome. No really, just say it out loud. Or better, scream it out loud!

When the wizard asks what you would like to do before installation make sure you select both Use another version of Wine and Install some libraries.

Next it will ask you what version of Wine you would like to use. So pick 2.6-staging, the one we just installed.

The next thing the wizard will ask you is to please make your choice. This sounds scary, doesn't it? And what happens if you make the wrong choice?!

Fortunately the only thing you need to choose is FontSmoothRGB, because that's needed to show fonts in the latest LiquidSky client.

Next browse and choose the LiquidSkyClient.exe you downloaded in step 1 and start installing. This will open up the LiquidSky install screen.

Choose Install and wait for the updates to download.

After this is done your client will crash, with the following message:

Have no worries, this is normal. In fact, you will see this window every time you open your LiquidSky client in the future. It's over-exaggerating with the whole "serious problem" thing. It's not talking about the fact you tend to get drunk every night, I promise. Just close it.

After closing this window, the LiquidSky client will try to start again. We don't want that at this point, so...kill it with fire!

Go back to the wizard and after a little while you should see the following screen:

Pick the LiquidSkyClient.exe from this list and hit next. A new app will be created on your desktop with the name you gave it.

5. Celebrate!

Congratulations! You've installed the LiquidSky windows client on your Mac!

Make sure to check out my other guide right here.

( Made with Carrd )